Is Bigger Better? Not From My Point of View.


Stephens Upset by Petkovic at Citi Open

By DownTheTee | August 1, 2018

By Jane Voigt Washington D.C. —  Blue skies, puffy clouds and a breeze that seemed  almost tropical greeted fans on Wednesday at Citi Open. They were happy rain was not in the forecast and so were tournament officials. The change lifted spirits at the soggy site, which had been missed since Saturday when competition kicked off. …

Mike Bryan: In The Game For Life.

By DownTheTee | July 31, 2018

By Jane Voigt Washington D.C. — “Dad,” Mike Bryan said. “Ball please.”  The moment was surreal.   Here was the top doubles player in the world, Mike Bryan, at 40, after winning his 17th Grand Slam at Wimbledon, asking for yet one more tennis ball from his dad, Wayne Bryan, who’d introduced his twin sons — Mike and Bob — to tennis…

Citi Open Begins Right on Time

By DownTheTee | July 30, 2018

By Jane Voigt Washington, D.C., — Washington D.C. is an on-time place. Miss an appointment, oh well. But it seems like that city characteristic has rubbed off on the ATP and WTA tours, as well, as a series of in-game innovations are introduced at Citi Open this week and throughout the summer hard-court season leading to the…

Big Names Should Draw Big Crowds as Citi Open Gets Underway Saturday, July 28

By DownTheTee | July 27, 2018

By Jane Voigt Washington D.C. — Citi Open is set to celebrate its 50th anniversary, as the tournament gets underway Saturday, July 28, at the Rock Creek Park Tennis Center. Many things have changed since 1969, including the tennis. Instead of a men’s-only tournament, it is now a combined event with both men’s and women’s competition.  This year…

Celebrate 50 Years of Open Tennis: Treat Doubles With Respect

By DownTheTee | July 15, 2018

by Jane Voigt This year is supposed to be a celebration for tennis. It’s the 50-year anniversary of the Open Era for the game. In 1968 professionals were invited to join the amateurs to play at the biggest tournaments, the grandest being Wimbledon. Read More

Mike Bryan, With Help, Makes Doubles History at Wimbledon

By DownTheTee | July 14, 2018

by Jane Voigt Men’s and women’s singles are the money winners for Grand Slams because of viewership numbers and the rights fees they justify. However, doubles remains the more popular category for “club players,” the folks who really rule the tennis industry’s bottom line. Read More

Anderson-Isner Marathon Means It’s Time For Change

By DownTheTee | July 13, 2018

by Jane Voigt Tennis, like baseball, can go extra innings… and that’s what happened on Wimbledon’s Centre Court Friday. Two giants — 6-10 John Isner and 6-8 Kevin Anderson — fought fiercely for the fleeting few points that would send one man over the finish line and propel him to the men’s singles final. Read…

Steady Does It: Kerber Makes 2nd Wimbledon Final

By DownTheTee | July 12, 2018

by Jane Voigt Consistency outpaced power in the first of two women’s semifinals at Wimbledon on Thursday, as two-time major champion Angelique Kerber defeated last year’s French Open champion Jelena Ostapenko, 6-3, 6-3, in just over an hour. The win for the German advanced her to a second ladies’ singles championship final, the previous one…

Bridging The Gap: Wimbledon Women’s Semifinal Previews

By DownTheTee | July 11, 2018

by Jane Voigt Serena Williams is one of the foremost greats of tennis, but her entrance into the semifinals of Wimbledon is an even greater stretch for the 23-time Grand Slam singles champion. Read More

Julie Goerges and The End of Waiting

By DownTheTee | July 10, 2018

by Jane Voigt Never mind that Julia Goerges had never played a quarterfinal at Wimbledon or any major for that matter. Once her momentum ignited Tuesday, it brought every facet of her game together in a big way. That it all happened at Wimbledon had to be particularly sweet for the German. She is appearing…

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