Is Bigger Better? Not From My Point of View.


Gael Monfils … a Gifted Conundrum

By DownTheTee | January 17, 2013

By Jane Voigt For a player that won three of the four junior grand slams in one calendar year, 2004, Frenchman Gael Monfils has been a disappointment to many.  After his illustrious teen start — at The Australian Open he lost one set on his way to the title, and only one set each at…

The Branding of Tennis

By DownTheTee | January 16, 2013

By Jane Voigt You may think the governing body of men’s tennis — the ATP — has lost its collective mind when you hear this.  It has taken a step to “‘allow its players to offer a little more on-body signage for sale,’” wrote USA Today. Will hats carry logos other than their sponsors? Will shirts…


By DownTheTee | January 15, 2013

By Jane Voigt We’ve all said it, ‘They make it look so easy.’ Roger Federer ‘dances’ on court, he is so smooth. Do a quick Internet search on the #2 seed at The Australian Open and thousands of photos and videos will instantly be at your clicking command.  You’ll see the ease with which he swings his Wilson racquet.…

Retirements, Heat and That Delicate Balance

By DownTheTee | January 14, 2013

By Jane Voigt Patrick McEnroe told listeners, “you better do everything right.” Meaning what? McEnroe’s comment was a reaction to Bernard Tomic’s retirement with a groin injury after 43 minutes. He had given the match to the No. 1 see Rafael Nadal after one set, 6-4. Tomic left Rod Laver Arena to a mixture of…


By DownTheTee | January 14, 2013

By Jane Voigt We don’t need a Ouija Board and seance to predict who might win the Australian Open on either side of the gender split.  The men’s side is locked up, or we not-so-boldly assert. And the women’s side is much the same.  Novak Djokovic, the defending champion, is seeded #1. He’s followed by Roger Federer…

And So It Begins

By DownTheTee | January 13, 2013

By Jane Voigt It’s the light that distinguishes the Australian Open from its three sister Grand Slams.  At once harsh and welcoming, the summer glow from the courts of Melbourne make spectators squint at first. The sun seems to cast no shadows, it is so intense and masterful. And the courts are so blue under…


Venus Williams: The Building of a Champion

By DownTheTee | October 18, 2012

By Jane Voigt, owner of, World Tennis Magazine Statistics follow Venus Williams like baby ducks after their mother. Five Wimbledon titles and two U. S. Open titles. Those are only the majors ones, though. And to think she didn’t choose her fate, her destiny which makes up chapters in tennis history annals. The BeginningRichard Williams,…


Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic: As The Globe Turns

By DownTheTee | October 10, 2012

By Jane Voigt, Special for, World Tennis Magazine After New York and all the hubbub of its U.S. Open extravaganza, fans’ eyes drift east … far east. Although they know tennis is a global sport, the tournaments staged in Asia probably are considered more as stepping stones that lead to destinations such as London…

Do Over … Re-capping the U. S. Open, 2012

By DownTheTee | September 12, 2012

By Jane Voigt Let’s just state right up front that Andy Murray is the biggest story of the 2012 U. S. Open. Bar none. Hands down.  Murray actually should be knighted — Sir Andy Murray has a wonderful ring — given his years of gains, declines, and British media abuse for not winning, over and…

Good Tennis Upsets

By DownTheTee | September 3, 2012

By Jane Voigt You can hear it. The pop as a ball ricochets off racquet strings. It’s potent, a flash of anticipation. It’s the sound of modern-day tennis for most players, but not all.  Agnieszka Radwanska’s, Sara Errani’s, and Roberta Vinci’s tennis is almost the polar opposite of current trends.   They compose points, the…

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