U. S. Open, 2016

Venus Redux

By DownTheTee | August 30, 2016

By Jane Voigt Venus Williams had never lost a first-round match at The U. S. Open in 17 starts. Her opponent, Kateryna Kozlova, had never won a main draw match at any Grand Slam. Expectations? You bet. Venus would be off court in about an hour.  Nope.  The match went three sets, taking the two-time…

America’s Grand Slam … Day One

By DownTheTee | August 29, 2016

By Jane Voigt The U. S. Open, the last slam of the season, is a celebration of all things tennis and American. So … let’s take a peak at a few of the home-teams’ performances from day one.  Men Nothing was more exciting than two Americans battling on the new larger-capacity, hexadecagon — 16 sided — Grandstand Court.…

Two Must-see Matches Monday at U. S. Open

By DownTheTee | August 28, 2016

By Jane Voigt It’ll be a wonder if even the best of the best get past the first round of this U. S. Open. The quality of players is higher than ever and they’re all prepped to begin their fierce offensives at the final Grand Slam of the year.  Here are the two must-see matches…