Grand Slams

Against The Odds

By DownTheTee | August 28, 2012

By Jane Voigt What if the usual suspects bombed out? Let’s say Serena Williams’ serve fell apart and her groundstrokes followed suit, and her attitude turned sour … nothing less than cranky.  It could happen, even though she’s the top pick for the majority of pundits’ to win yet another slam title, her 15th.  Same…


By DownTheTee | August 27, 2012

By Jane Voigt Fluttery bubbles of anticipation that circle first-round matches are probably more a part of fans’ experiences than for players. But don’t be fooled. Players are nervous, too, especially since the U. S. Open is the last major tournament of the year. They want to make a statement. They want to be heard.…

The Day Before The Last Slam

By DownTheTee | August 26, 2012

By Jane Voigt Here we go again. The USTA is about to unleash another of its monstrous and marvelously hyper-slams tomorrow.  It wants the two weeks to be a happy experience for ticket holders, players and sponsors, with no rain please. No leaking courts.  But the irate tennis pros that were pushed to argue for…